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How it Works

how-it-works How do I start completing the course?

Once you buy one of our training courses you will be provided with a set of login details for your course. These login details can be used on any PC or Mac with an internet connection. They don't expire so there are no time restrictions involved.  Your login details will be valid whenever you need them.

Our Learning Management System will save your progress through the course so you can logout at any point in the course and come back to it whenever you like.

How do I buy courses for all our staff?

When you purchase more than one course we will provide you with free access to our Management Tracker. This enables you to register the staff you would like to take the courses. The staff will then receive an email with all the information they need to complete the course. You can use our Management Tracker to access their details and monitor their progress at any time, wherever you are in the country!

How can I keep track of our staff's training?

Our Management Tracker gives you control of your company's staff training - whether your staff are in the same building as you, or at the other end of the country.

You can:
  • Easily monitor your staff to ensure your business is legally compliant
  • Quickly view progress reports for all your staff
  • Check the progress of a specific individual
  • Identify staff yet to complete the training
How do we print our certificates?

As soon as you complete any of our courses you will be given the option to print out  your certificate. You can also save this to PDF. This can be used as instant and permanent proof that you have passed the course.

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Management Tracker

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Print your certificate on completion +++ Accepted by Environmental Health, Ofsted, CQC etc +++ Accredited Food Hygiene courses +++ Quick to complete - 30 mins - 2 hours +++ Great value - from £10.50 per person