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Management Tracker

Our free Management Tracker enables you to manage all your company's training from your computer.  You can use it to access your staff's details and monitor their progress at any time - wherever they are -  in your building or across the country!

When you buy more than one course you will be given access to our Management Tracker. This allows you to easily register the individuals you'd like to complete the courses.  Your staff will automatically be sent the login details by email so that they can complete the course/s. You can monitor their progress at any time using our Management Tracker.

Progress reports
Staff management
Data download

You are able to:

  • Quickly view progress reports for all your staff
  • Check the progress of a specific individual
  • Identify staff yet to complete the training
  • Easily monitor your staff to ensure your business is legally compliant

It’s a great system and many of our customers use it extensively to be in control of their training and monitor compliance within their businesses.

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Management Tracker

Our free tracker helps you oversee your staff's training

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Print your certificate on completion +++ Accepted by Environmental Health, Ofsted, CQC etc +++ Accredited Food Hygiene courses +++ Quick to complete - 30 mins - 2 hours +++ Great value - from £10.50 per person