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Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults

This course is suitable for anyone who encounters adults at risk of abuse. This may be in a residential setting, in the community, in a person's home, in hospital, or in the dentists' surgery. This includes all staff and volunteers.

The course covers signs, indicators, definitions and types of abuse including unintentional harm. It also includes key legislation and guidance regarding issues of consent and duty of care. We refer, too, to your organisation's policies on safeguarding. Finally it looks at what to do if you have any concerns, what your responsibility is, what happens next and the responsibility of managers.

This course meets the requirements of the Care Act, the Care Certificate and Skills for Care for staff training on Safeguarding Adults. It also covers the new categories of abuse that are outlined in the Care Act.

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Course FAQs

  • Why do I need to take this course? Open or Close
    The Health & Social Care Act requires all staff working with adults who may be at risk of abuse to complete training in safeguarding. This course covers the Skills for Care requirements for this training and meets the requirements for the Care Certificate for staff training in Safeguarding Adults.

    From a practical point of view this online, interactive Safeguarding course provides a convenient and cost-effective way to train your staff. Staff complete the course and can print the certificate immediately upon completion.
  • What are the benefits of attending the course? Open or Close
    The course will help participants to:
    • Provide a service that protects vulnerable adults
    • Explain the concepts of protection and vulnerability
    • Identify the signs and indicators of the main types of abuse
    • Describe the key points of government legislation and regulations to protect vulnerable adults
    • Work with appropriate, explicit confidentiality
    • Explain the risk management process and its importance
    • Explain the importance of reporting and whistle-blowing on actual or potential abuse
    • Take personal action to safeguard vulnerable adults in your care
  • What does the course cover? Open or Close
    The course covers the following topics:
    • Duty of care – from Employer / Employee’s perspective
    • Definitions of the terms "vulnerable adults" and "safeguarding of adults"
    • Explain the concept of the Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults in a variety of settings - residential / own home / hospital / dentists' surgery
    • Define the term "abuse"
    • Confidentiality
    • Rights and responsibilities of vulnerable adults (including their understanding)
    • Indicators of the main types of abuse - physical, psychological & emotional, sexual, financial, neglect, discriminatory, & institutional
    • How to report suspected abuse including who to report suspected abuse to
    • Dignity and respect
    • Boundaries
    • Working within the No Secrets and the The Care Act legislation
    • Working within your organisation’s relevant policies
  • Who is the course for? Open or Close
    All staff who work with vulnerable adults, in whatever setting or organisation and require training in safeguarding adults.
  • How long will the course take to complete? Open or Close
    Between 1and 2 hours depending on how quickly you study.  If you need to pause the training or wish to complete the course in stages, the system will allow you to log back in at a later date/time and will automatically remember where you left off.
  • What is involved in doing the course? Open or Close
    The course has a number of interactive activities, DVD clips, information slides and practice assessment questions throughout, ensuring an interesting and informative course. Other people who have studied the course how they found it informative, useful and enjoyable.
  • How long will the certificate be valid for? Open or Close
    3 years.
  • How much does the course cost? Open or Close
    The cost for one certificate is £22, this decreases to £17.50 for multiple purchases.
    Click here for more details. Re-takes are free of change.  All prices exclude VAT.
  • How is the course assessed? Open or Close
    There is a short multiple choice assessment at the end of the course. A ’Safeugarding Adults' certficate is awarded to everyone who achieves at least 21 marks out of 30.
  • What does the certificate look like? Open or Close
  • What next? Open or Close
     There are 5 Simple steps to gain your Safeguarding Adults certificate:
    1. Press the "Add To Basket" button and fill out your personal and payment card details
    2. A registration email will be sent out to you immediately, with joining instructions and log in details
    3. Log in
    4. Complete the course
    5. Print your certificate
  • How do I pay? Open or Close
    We accept all major debit and credit cards through our secure payment system so you can buy with confidence.

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