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Using an iPad

We would like you to have the best user experience possible when completing one of our courses. For this reason we recommend that you use at least an iPad version 3 or newer to view the course.

iPads are designed in such a way that only a fraction of its memory is available to view courses using Safari, and as such, in older models such as the iPad 2, various ‘glitches’ may occur. These glitches could include loss of sound, flickering on the screen, freezing slides and crashing

There are, however, some things you can do to reduce the frequency of these potential glitches. We recommend the following:

Close all open apps (double –click the ‘Home’ button and swipe all apps upwards. On older iOS, double-click as before but press the red cross on each open app)

Importantly, only have one Safari tab open - the one playing the course. Close all others.

Try not to leave the course to view anything else on the internet, close the course first.

If you do get random behaviour or are no longer able to progress, close Safari and log in to your course again. Don’t worry, you will not lose your progress on the course!

Additional information when using all iPads:

Press the buttons firmly when asked to participate in an activity.

If toggling between the ‘Menu’ and ‘Notes’ tabs please return to the ‘Menu’ tab before moving onto the next slide.

The ‘Glossary’ may not always be accessible on an Apple device. If you wish to view the full glossary please click here.

There are video clips that it may not be possible view on an iPad (a problem with the apple hardware).

When you reach these slides, instructions will appear as to what you need to do if using an iPad. It may be worth attempting to view the video if you are using a newer version.

To view these clips please click on the links below.

Food Safety

Module 2 - Bacterial multiplication video

Module 4 – Handwashing video

Module 5 – Seagull video

Health & Safety

Russian truck accident

New Zealand crane accident

Fire Safety

Fire blanket

Room fire

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